Ways to Prevent & Stop Bleeding Gums

Posted By: wpadmin | August 25, 2016

Bleeding Gums at Dental OfficeBleeding gums are usually the first sign of gum disease. Sometimes brushing or flossing too hard can cause your gums to bleed but this sign should not be ignored. Healthy gums do not bleed from regular brushing and flossing because these practices serve to strengthen your gums. Check out these easy tips to prevent bleeding gums from Parkside Dental Practice, your local dentist in Tyrone, GA.

Healthy Habits for a Happy Smile

The gum disease gingivitis is the easiest disease to treat with regular brushing, flossing, and professional cleanings. Poor dental habits will only allow gingivitis to fester into more serious conditions that may require extensive and expensive dental procedures. Experts recommend brushing with a soft-bristled brush and a cavity-fighting toothpaste. Then rinse with a mouthwash that targets the harmful bacteria festering in your mouth.

You Are What You Eat

It goes without saying that large amounts of sugar, candy, soda, and refined starches are bad for your health as well as your teeth. So much of the food on the market today is loaded with fake sugars and syrups with little to no nutritional value. A healthy diet should consist of larger portions of fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Foods that are high in magnesium, calcium, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C are especially helpful for healthy teeth and gums.

Take A Break

Believe it or not, stress can take its toll on your teeth as well as the rest of your body. Stress and high blood pressure can increase inflammation throughout the body and cause your gums to bleed. Your immune system is weaker when you are under a lot of stress which means your gums are open to attack from microorganisms living in your mouth.

Patients who are stressed tend to make bad health decisions. They skip out on brushing, flossing, and regular checkups. They tend to eat poorly, choosing fast foods and candy bars over a healthy, balanced meal. Find a way to reduce the stress in your life. Learn to take time for yourself and practice deep breathing techniques to lower blood pressure.

Tell your Parkside dentist in Tyrone, if you suffer from bleeding gums. For temporary relief, apply ice and rinse with warm salt water until you can make it to your Tyrone family dentistry location.

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