Tips for Finding a Family Dentist

Posted By: wpadmin | December 12, 2016

If your kids fight you kicking and screaming to the dentist’s office, it may be time to find a new family dentist. Your family dentist should be someone that you trust. To help you find a family dentist in Tyrone, GA, that you feel comfortable with, here are a few tips and tricks.

  • Talk to your friends and family members. Who better to recommend a dentist that they love than the people that you love? Your friends and family members most likely have a few recommendations for gentle dental care in Tyrone, GA, that they love. Compile a list and then look online for reviews. Look for credentials listed on their business website to make sure that the potential dentists are qualified to handle your dental care.
  • Make sure that they accept your insurance. If you have dental insurance, not every dentist will be within your network. Talk with your insurance company to get a list of preferred providers to ensure that your care is covered.
  • Check their lists of services. You should be able to get all of your dental needs covered in one place. Make sure that your dentist is equipped to handle routine checkups, X-rays, dentures, implants, and other dental procedures.
  • Ask lots of questions. When first visiting a new dental office, ask as many questions as you’d like to feel comfortable with their service. Find out about the dentist’s training, how long they’ve been practicing, which dental societies they belong to, and how they stay up to date on new procedures.
  • Don’t settle for anything less than the best. You deserve to be treated with respect. If at any time during your dental treatments you feel that you or your family members aren’t being treated with kindness, don’t be afraid to choose a different provider.

Your teeth are important. Your children’s teeth are important. Don’t risk your oral health to someone who doesn’t do a great job. By following these tips and tricks, you are sure to find the perfect family dentist in Tyrone, GA.


  1. I appreciate your tip to talk to friends and family members to look for recommendations for a family dentist. I also appreciate your tip to check a dentist offices list of services. I’ve heard it can be better finding a family dentist you can take all the members of your family to instead of everyone going to a different dentist! Thanks for the tips!

  2. I love your tip on asking lots of questions. This is really the best way to learn a lot about a dental practice right off the bat. You’ll also get a feel for how easy they are to work with by assessing how willing they are to answer your questions and communicate with you.

  3. I appreciate all of the information that you have included in here about finding a great family dentist. My kids are about the age where we need to take them in to see the dentist; however, they are scared to go! I think that by showing them it is okay and by showing them that they are nice people, they can develop a love to go to the dentist. Thanks again!

  4. I liked when you talked about the importance of asking a lot of questions when you are looking for the best dentist. It makes sense that remembering this can help you both find what you need and know how the person you choose works. I would want to make sure I take my time to consult with several clinics and compare them so I can find someone that can work with my insurance.

  5. I agree that it is important to find a dentist that accepts your insurance. This would help you save yourself a headache in trying to figure out how to have the insurance pay for it. My wife and I just moved to a new area and have been looking for a dentist to take our family to. I’ll have to make sure we find an office that accepts our insurance.

  6. My husband and I recently moved to a new area. We are looking for a dentist that will be able to properly care for our family. We want to make sure our entire family can feel comfortable with them. As you said, talking to friends and family and then compiling a list before looking at online reviews is a great way to find a qualified professional.

  7. We just moved to a new state, and are looking for advice on how to find a family dentist. It’s good to know that one thing we need to do to find the right one is to ask a lot of questions. That way we can determine whether or not that it is an office that we will be comfortable with.

  8. These are some good ideas for finding a family dentist. I appreciate how you said to not settle for anything. When my family moves this summer, I’ll be sure to do a lot of research to find the best one.

  9. I like that you mentioned to make sure you check their list of services so you can see if they cover all of your needs. I have been looking for a dentist in my new area and I want to make sure the person I choose can handle everything I need. I will definitely ask about this, thanks!

  10. Thanks for pointing out that you should make sure to check if they’re equipped with equipment to take care of things like implants, dentures, X-rays, and routine checkups. My husband and I have recently moved to a new city, and one of my molars has started to bother me. It may be a cavity, so I’d like to find a dentist pretty soon to get it checked out.

  11. I agree that you should make sure the dentist you choose accepts your insurance. You should talk to your insurance provider to see a list of dentists that will take your insurance, like you said. That’s what I’ll do first when choosing a dentist in my new city.

  12. My husband and I have just moved and are looking for a dentist in our area. I liked your suggestion to ask lots of questions when you’re visiting a new dental office. I think that this will really help to provide you with the knowledge that they’ll be the best office for you.

  13. Thanks for the tip to make sure you find a dentist that accepts your insurance so you’ll be covered. My son’s back molar is really sensitive to cold right now, so I’m looking for a dentist to take him to to get looked at. I’ll have to call my insurance to see which dentists in my area are in the network so I can choose one of them to take my son to.

  14. My family and I recently moved to a new area and it would be great if I could find a family dentist who can work with all of us so I am glad that I found this article. It makes a lot of sense that you say to find a dentist who accepts your insurance because this way I can make sure I won’t have to worry about large out-of-pocket fees. Also, I will make sure to visit potential dentist offices because this way I can meet the staff and ask questions about the training and expertise of the dentist. This will also give me a chance to make sure the office is kid-friendly for my young children.

  15. My family is moving next month, so finding a dentist is on our list of things to do. We’ve got three small kids, so a family dentist will be best for us. I’ll be sure to talk to some of our new friends in the area, along with my coworkers, to get recommendations! That should help a lot.

  16. I just moved to a new area so I am looking for a dentist to start visiting with the family. I like your point about making sure they accept your insurance. I’ll be sure to get a list of preferred providers so I know our care is covered.

  17. Thanks for the tip to talk to family and friends. I moved to a new area and I’m looking for a family dentist, so this is helpful. I’ll have to ask some neighbors to see who they go to.

  18. I liked what you said about asking lots of questions. I’m always afraid of asking questions, but I can see how it might be a good idea to ask lots in this kind of situation. It’s something that I’ll work on so that we can find the right dentist for our family.

  19. My cousin has just moved and is looking for a new dentist for her family. I’ll be sure to tell her that she should ask family and friends for recommendations. It would be really nice if she could get a professional to help her family.

  20. Thanks for the advice for finding a family dentist. I’m glad you mentioned that you should ask a lot of questions about their service. This sounds really important to make sure that they offer a dental service you know you’ll personally benefit from.

  21. I’m going to be looking for a new dentist here soon. As you said here, it would be good to ask a lot of questions about their practice. That way, you can get a good idea of how they go about doing business and such.

  22. I appreciate the advice on asking a lot of questions when visiting a dental office for the first time. My son recently chipped one of his teeth. These tips you shared will help me find a good dentist to take my son to.

  23. You made a great point about making sure that the dentist office you choose accepts your insurance to reduce costs. My husband and I are moving to Taylorsville, UT with our two kids and we need to find a new dentist. We will keep these tips in mind in our search for a professional.

  24. Ever since I moved to this new town I have needed to find a local dentist that I can go to regularly. It helped that you mentioned how you can contact a family dentist. I had no idea these were resource options for finding dental care. Thanks for the great tips.

  25. Thank you for your tip to check their services as it would be helpful to have an office that can do most dental things. My family and I recently moved out of state so that my husband could go back to college. I want to find a good dentist that can take care of my whole family, so I will have to keep my eyes open.

  26. It makes sense why you will need to find one who can accept your insurance. My sister and her family recently moved out of state and she was telling me last night on the phone about how she needs to find a dentist soon because she’s having a bad toothache. I’ll make sure to pass this information along to her so she can know how to find a good dentist!

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