Guide for a Pain-Free Visit to Your General Dentist

Posted By: wpadmin | January 12, 2017

Smiling dentist in Newnan GAFamily dental care in Newnan sounds sweet and non-threatening, but there is a staggering portion of the American population that is terrified of dental care. Some people even refuse to visit the dentist altogether, which puts them at high risk of developing some serious health problems, including heart disease, stroke, oral infections, cancer, and more. Your mouth is a vital component of the machine that is your body, so neglecting your mouth puts you in legitimate danger.

Then why do so many people refuse to go see a general dentist in Newnan on a semi-annual basis or feel terrified when they do so? That is because many people associate the dentist with pain. The sounds of whirring machinery and the overall sensitivity of oral nerves can make people cringe. People also feel a total lack of control when they are lying in a dentist’s chair, being inspected by an individual in a serious medical uniform.

These fears are understandable, but you should be able to get over your fear of a painful dental visit. Here are some tips for your next visit that will ensure your experience is pain-free.

Find a Trustworthy Dentist

Whether you are scheduling a semi-annual cleaning or want to have the contact information for urgent dental care in Newnan on file, you should do some research first. Just as there are bad mechanics and inattentive doctors, there are dentists who are not dedicated to your care or concerned about your comfort. Call an office first and speak with their staff, and don’t be afraid to try a few dentists until you find a practice where you feel comfortable.

Be Honest

Dentists hear about fearful patients all the time. Most dental offices in Newnan will understand and try to accommodate you. When you call a dentist’s office to make an appointment, be honest about your fears and concerns. If they are compassionate and attentive, they will do all they can to make your experience pain-free.

Be Regimented with Your Oral Care

Unfortunately, pain can accompany some serious dental procedures, such as root canals. Even the best family dental practice cannot guarantee you will not have some irritation after certain intense procedures. Do your best to avoid the need for these procedures by practicing good oral care. If you brush twice a day, floss every day, and gargle frequently, your mouth will be healthy enough for a simple cleaning and other painless dental procedures.

Embrace New Technology

Happy patient in Newnan GABut what if you are still afraid to get in the chair? What if someone touching your teeth with a pick or their finger hurts you? First, you should be aware that technology in the dental industry has improved. In ancient times, patients would self-medicate with alcohol before having their teeth pulled, but today there are local anesthetics and pain-free tools and machinery. Your experience in the dental chair can be as relaxing as a spa day and as quick as a nap.

So the next time you are due to see a general dentist in Newnan, be sure to take the above tips into consideration. Remember to start at the beginning and research an experienced dentist who practices patient-centric care every time. They will make your dentist appointment a pain-free experience that also dramatically improves your oral health.

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