5 Benefits of Having a Family Dentist

Posted By: wpadmin | March 9, 2017

If you’re tired of visiting different dentists to accommodate the needs of your family, it’s time to switch to a family dentist. While family dentistry and general dentistry may seem similar, they have one key difference. General dentistry is typically restricted to one specific age group while family dentistry is designed for family members of all ages. It’s the perfect way to make your life easier while still providing quality dental care for your family. If you’re hesitant to make the switch, here are a few reasons to choose a family dentist for your affordable dental care in Tyrone, GA.

  • It simplifies your dental care. A family dentist can treat everyone in your household. From elderly patients down to toddlers, your family will receive the care that they need at your chosen family dentist. There’s no need to schedule appointments with different providers on different days. Instead, schedule all of your family’s routine cleanings together and simplify your life. This sort of continuity allows your children to see the same dentist from the time they are children up into adulthood.
  • There is a wide range of services provided. Most family dentists provide many different services. This is because they are designed to treat patients of all ages. It’s important that they can fit older patients for dentures or design retainers for teenagers. Whether you are looking for tooth whitening services or for a deep cleaning, your dentist can accommodate many different treatments to ensure that you don’t have to travel between providers in order to get the oral health care you need.
  • Personal relationships are developed. The longer your family sees a family dentist, the better the relationship will be. Each member of your family will get to know their dentist and feel comfortable with the care being provided to them. This makes it easier to express any concerns that may arise in the future. Plus, it makes it easier for your kids to visit the dentist. They won’t be afraid of the dentist. You’ll trust that they are in good hands and they won’t feel any sort of panic when they hop into the dental chair.
  • It’s easier to track your dental history. Having to jump from a pediatric dentist to a general dentist could prove problematic for your dental care. It’s much easier to establish a relationship with one dentist. This allows your dental history and chart to stay in one place. The treatment of any dental issues is more easily addressed and nothing falls through the cracks when you are under the care of a family dentist.
  • Your children will see your example. If your family has different dentists, chances are your children won’t see you sitting in the dentist’s chair or getting your teeth cleaned. By visiting a family dentist, the whole family can have their teeth cleaned together. This allows your kids to see you putting a priority on your oral health. With your example in place, they are more likely to care for their teeth now and in the future.

If you don’t see a family dentist, it’s time to make the switch. Finding the right family dentist in Tyrone, GA, can make all the difference in your family’s oral health routine. Plus, it can make your life easier!


  1. I thought it was interesting how the article mentioned that using a family dentist simplifies your dental care since that dentist can treat everyone in your household. I’ve heard that pediatric dentists or dentists that work with kids have extra residency and training in order to specialize in children’s dental hygiene. Is this true for family dentists too?

  2. Having a family dentist definitely seems like a good idea. I like how you mentioned that it allows for personal relationships to develop. I would love for my son to grow to like the dentist, and eventually even look forward to going.

  3. In your article, you stated that whether you are looking for tooth whitening services or for a deep cleaning, your dentist can accommodate many different treatments to ensure that you don’t have to travel between providers in order to get the oral health care you need. My family and I recently moved to a new city and my daughter chipped some teeth while falling down the stairs. I wonder if most dental offices have any connections with an emergency dental clinic.

  4. I like that you mentioned that a family dentist will be able to treat everybody in your household. Taking my kids to a separate dentist than we go to is a hassle. As we search for a dentist, we will definitely be looking for a family dentist to make everything more simple.

  5. My family and I have recently moved to a new town. We are currently looking for a local dentist, but we’re not sure what type to look for. I didn’t realize family dentistry is able to build relationships with families through offering services to every age, and this can help children feel more comfortable. I’ll be sure to remember these benefits moving forward.

  6. Many people who have gotten dental implants to replace their teeth have remarked at how much younger they look and feel, and how much more they smile.  Take a look at the before and after photo of Joe , one of our patients who was living without any teeth at all.  Joe now has over-dentures , which are dentures that lock into place over 4 or more dental implants.  Look at his transformation!   A lot of us hide our smiles not because we are unfriendly, but because we’re self-conscious about missing teeth.  Do you hide your smile?  Did you know you might be missing out on career and job promotion opportunities?

  7. I like that you point out that one of the benefits of having a family dentist is that it simplifies your life by making you only have to go to one place for all your needs. I can see why this would be really convenient if you have family members of all ages that need different treatment. My wife and I recently moved to a new area and are looking for a family dentist. I’ll have to make sure to find one that can treat infants as well as adults.

  8. I like that you mentioned that a family dentist can make it easier to get dental care for the whole family because he can treat both kids and adults. My wife and I just moved our family to a new state, and finding separate dentists for us and the kids would be a hassle. We will have to look into some family dentists in the area, because it would be nice to be able to have us all treated in one place.

  9. I agree, one of the bigger advantages that a family dentist has is a more accurate dental history. This can be especially true if you started seeing them as a youngster and stayed with them since. Getting a complete look at your dental history can also benefit the dentist themselves as it might alert them to any patterns or emerging signs of a major dental problem.

  10. I like that you talk about the personal relationships you get when you have a family dentist. It makes sense that this could be very helpful to feel more comfortable going to the dentist, particularly for my kids. I think that if they know the dentist personally, they wouldn’t be scared to go because they wouldn’t have to meet any strangers.

  11. I like where you said that having one dentist for the whole family saves a lot of time. My family is moving to a new city and we are looking for a new dentist. I have a lot of kids and don’t want to take off extra time from work if we can get the checkups done in just one day. I will look into a family dentist option to make everything more convenient.

  12. I like how you said that going to a family dentist makes tracking your dental history much easier because it is all in the same place. We are going to be moving soon and we will need to find a dentist. We’ll have to look into hiring a family dentist so we can get everything in the same place.

  13. I liked what you said about this being easier to track dental history. I’ve gone to a lot of different dentists over time and sometimes I don’t even know everything that my teeth have been through. It would be really nice to have everything simplified for my children so that they don’t have to go through something like that.

  14. I like how you point out that a family dentist can treat anyone in the household. We just moved to this city, and we are looking for a dentist that can address the needs of everyone in the family as we don’t want to go visiting different clinics for each family member. Thank you for discussing this particular benefit of having a family dentist.

  15. I love how you said that personal relationships are developed the longer my family sees the dentist. I think what would be ideal for my family is that we would have our family dentist and also an emergency dentist. My children are pretty accident prone, so if they knock a few teeth out or something I want to be able to take them in as soon as I can.

  16. I love how a family dentist can work down to toddlers. I would assume that when seeing toddlers, they have to be as kid friendly as they can be. I would love to have that in a family dentist.

  17. I appreciate it when you pointed out that since most family dentists are trained to provide a wide variety of services, they can also address the needs of different ages. If I hire a family dentist, then I can take my kids when me for a checkup. I won’t have the need to look for another dentist to treat their condition and monitor their oral health. That will be much more convenient for me. Thanks!

  18. That is really interesting how most family dentists provide different services. It would be good to have someone to perform a good service on my teeth so I can feel I have healthy teeth. It would be a good idea for me to visit the dentist more often so that I can have healthier teeth.

  19. I liked what you said about it simplifying your dental care. My husband and I have been wondering if we should look for two different kinds of dentists, but we weren’t sure. It would be nice to just have all of our appointments and information in one place.

  20. That is a good point that a family dentist simplifies my dental care by treating all of my family. Maybe it would be good to get a family dentist so that I could have my dental care simplified. This is something I am going to have to look into sometime soon.

  21. That is nice that you could have your whole family treated. It would be nice to have a dentist treat my whole family. Soon I should go to the dentist since it has been a while.

  22. That is interesting that jumping dentists could be a problem for my dental care. Maybe it would be good to get a dentist who does cosmetics as well. This is something I will have to look into so I can make my teeth look better, and my dentist will know about it.

  23. Our trip requires us to submit a whole-body physical medical examination to check if we’re fit to join the fieldwork. I’ve already undergone a thorough x-ray, urinalysis, and blood test. What’s left is for me to go to the dentist, but I’m wary if I really need to schedule an appointment. Thanks to your article, I am now convinced to go to a dentist because they will keep a record of my dental history, which will be beneficial to me in the long run since I’ll be joining a lot of fieldwork in the future. I’ll make sure to bring my classmates me with so that they could also avail of the dental service.

  24. That is a good point that a family dentist has a wide range of services. Maybe it would be good to find a dentist who has a wide range of services like that. Then I would be able to get the services I need when visiting the dentist.

  25. I love that you mentioned personal relationships and how the longer you see a family dentist, the better your relationships will be. My family and I just moved and we are looking to get a new family dentist that we can get along with and fulfill our needs. We will keep these tips in mind as we search for a professional that we click with.

  26. I loved how you mentioned that you can simplify your dental care with a family dentist. My husband and I just recently moved to a new city a couple of weeks ago and we need to find a new dentist soon, and we were wondering if finding a family one would be a good idea. I really appreciate you helping me learn more about the benefits of seeing a family dentist!

  27. My uncle has been thinking about how his family has been drinking a lot of soda and it has been wearing at their teeth and he wants to try and change something so that they can have better oral health. He would really like to get some help from a professional so that the care is comprehensive and their smilies can look a lot nicer. I’ll be sure to tell him about how there is a wide range of services and have enough diversity so that they are more comfortable in one place and can have the best care for everyone in the home.

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