How to Choose Gentle Dental Care for Your Kids

Posted By: wpadmin | December 20, 2017

Pediatric dentist examining a little boys teethGoing to the dentist can be scary for adults. Imagine what kids think. In actuality, kids don’t have an informed opinion about the dentist. They either soak up the fears and attitudes of their parents, or, if they are lucky, they have parents who can hide their own fears and allow the child to form his or her own opinion. If the latter is the case, it is important to find a pediatric dentist that will help the child be okay with the dentist. At Parkside Dental Practice in Peachtree City, GA, we’ve seen all kinds of cases related to children coming to the dentist, and we know that it is important that kids are treated a little differently than adults.

Dental Vocabulary

Dental offices that don’t deal with children may use large words that they expect adults to understand. While the dentist shouldn’t talk down to children, he or she should be able to explain the procedures and what’s going to happen to the child. If the dental staff can’t use the appropriate vocabulary, they could scare children.

Care and Kindness

Even in an emergency dental situation, the care and kindness of the staff should come through in their tones, words, and actions. If you are visiting an office for the first time, and the staff is angry, unhappy, or disgruntled, you should probably find a different pediatric dentist to take care of your child’s needs.

Feeling Safe

Some children huddle close to their parents in new situations. If a family dental clinic doesn’t let the parents stay with the child during the treatment, you may need to find a dentist that will. It is important for children to know that they will be protected at all times. A parent’s presence does that.

Grown-Up Stuff

Dentist showing patient x rayOf course, you will want to be sure that the dental office accepts your dental insurance plan. You also want to check to see if the dentist is certified by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. These aren’t things that will affect the way your child sees the dentist, but they will help you choose a dental practice that will work for both you and your child.

Choosing the Right Dentist

When you are looking for gentle dental care in Peachtree City, you want to know that your dentist will be there in the long run. Change tends to be hard for children. Once they get used to a dentist and his or her dental practice, they will have less fear of getting their 6-month checkups and other required care.

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