Advancements in Dentistry over the Years

Posted By: wpadmin | December 27, 2017

1Can you imagine living in a time without dentists? Well, your ancestors did it! We are fortunate enough in modern times to have access to dental care, but things in the industry are always changing. This infographic outlines some of the advancements over time.

1626628_Parkside Dental Practice_Advancements in Dentistry over the YearsPerhaps the foremost progressive characteristic within the field of dental care revolves around hygiene. As soon as the profession of “dentist” came into existence, it was pretty clear how important the cleanliness of one’s mouth is to dental health.

Dental care was originally focused on relieving pain caused by dental problems, but eventually dental services began to shift to include cosmetic care. Whitening began to be important, so the experiments were done on chemicals. Now, we have the availability of simple whitening strips, which, with regular use, can keep our teeth white and shining for a long time. Implants, another cosmetic service, really took off around the 1990s, but they are now considered a part of routine dental care.

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