Choosing Dental Providers for Seniors

Dentist 1As a senior, it’s even more important to find a reliable dental provider than it was when you were younger. It’s estimated that more than 5 percent of people over the age of 65 are missing natural teeth. As you age, your teeth can deteriorate if not cared for properly. Selecting the right dentist in Peachtree City can slow decay and ensure that your smile stays sparkling even through your golden years. To help you search for the right dentist, here are a few things to consider. Continue reading

Dental Implant Care Tips

Dental implants can restore your smile and give you the confidence that you’ve been lacking. Whether you replace one tooth or an entire bridge, the dental implant process is lengthy and requires a great deal of care. To ensure that your mouth remains healthy after your implants have been installed, there are a few things that you should remember. Continue reading

How Is a Cavity Treated by a Dentist?

Dentist 1Naturally, you don’t want your dentist to find a cavity at your next checkup. But, what if they do? How will your family dentist in Tyrone, GA, treat the cavity? The answer depends on the size and location of the cavity itself. Your dentist may put in a filling, crown the tooth, or perform a root canal. The first steps always include numbing the area, removing the decayed portion of your tooth with a drill, and cleaning the space for the restoration of the tooth. Continue reading

Tooth Extractions: Do I Need a Dentist or Oral Surgeon?

Having a Tooth ExtractedA tooth extraction is a big deal to most people, so it’s not surprising that many people agonize over whether they should have a dentist or an oral surgeon do the procedure. Fortunately, a good dentist in Tyrone, GA, will look at all the factors surrounding the tooth extraction to help you decide which is the best route to go. Here are some things to think about when considering a dental health professional for your tooth extraction needs. Continue reading

The Importance of Family Dental Care

Visit at the dentist office.For children and adults, having a good dentist on the roster is an essential part of good overall health. A good dentist will take care of your teeth, make your visits as comfortable as possible, educate you about dental health, identify any problems, and help you work through them. Finding the right dentist, getting quality family dental care in Sharpsburg, GA, and sticking to a smart dental care routine are the keys to good dental health, so read on for tips you can use for your family. Continue reading

What Are the Advantages of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry can improve the appearance of a person’s teeth, gums, bite, and smile.  Technological advancements have increased the options available to include inlays, onlays, composite bonding, teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental implants, smile makeovers and full mouth reconstruction. Improvements in natural-looking, tooth-colored materials make today’s dental treatments more appealing and durable than in the past. Continue reading

How to Tell You’re Faced with a Dental Emergency

The idea of a dental emergency may sound terrifying, and the truth is that it can be. A dental emergency is essentially any situation in which your oral health is in immediate trouble. Eating, speaking, or concentrating will be difficult in the event of a serious dental emergency. And while you can certainly find reliable urgent dental care in Tyrone, GA, it is important for you to do all you can to prevent emergencies from arising in the first place. These are a couple of signs that you are faced with a dental emergency, as well as dental care tips to help you prevent a serious outcome. Continue reading