Patient Reviews

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    Friendly & Professional

    “Never have to wait! Everybody is very personable — from front room staff to hygienist to my doctor. Very knowledgeable about my insurance. Have you ever been able to say this about your dentist?: I could fall asleep in the chair!”

    -- Barbara P

  • Dr. Simmons Is The Best Dentist I’ve Ever Had!

    “As always, very professional, courteous and friendly. I hate having impressions taken, but the company was great.”

    -- Michael B

  • “Well done Becka (sp?)! Even though I have several things that need fixen with my teeth, you and Dr. Simmons made it a great experience! Thanks again!”

    -- Julkie B

  • “Second appointment with Dr. Simmons at Parkside after moving to the area. Great experience and Dr. Simmons and the staff do everyhting they can to make you feel comfortable during your visit. First apppointment was a new patient exam and cleaning. Today’s appointment was for a crown. so far so good. :)”

    -- Bob S

  • Crown Prep Appointment

    “Considering how difficult this crown preparation procedure turned out to be, I was very pleased with the way it was done and its outcome. Dr. Simmons and Phyllis are both extremely skillful and work well together as a team. I was expecting the procedure to be a lot more painful and difficult and was not totally confident in a positive outcome. I believe is was their combined skills that resulted in the good outcome.”

    -- Leigh B